How to Make Mexican Tamales

How to Make Mexican Tamales

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Date: April 8, 2022
Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Location Address: Wimberley Community Center Kitchen

Sisters, Maria and Blanca, will share their family method in making Mexican tamales from scratch. Learn how to make the masa as well as two or three different fillings and how to cook them properly.

Their years of experience have given them expertise on how to make tamales without feeling like it is a chore. They will share these tricks during the class as well as a little history and stories that are common of tamaladas (a gathering of people to make tamales). The savory end result will be enjoyed. The tamales will have to cool to be taken home.

Participants will go home with a dozen tamales.

Reservation Cutoff Date: March 6, 2022

Hosts: Maria Koenig and Blanca Lopez